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UNHCR says that storm affected 11,301 Syrian refugees in 361 camps in Lebanon

Editing: Ayham Nasif |
TranslationEditor: Farah Nassif |
Translation: Nouha Salti
Publication date: 2019/01/10 20:42

Turkey - SMART

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees said that floods and snow with the storm that hit the area over the last two days affected 11,301 Syrian refugees in 361 camps in Lebanon.

The inter-agency coordination of the UNHCR said in a report sent to SMART that the strong wind and heavy rainfall affected 1,750 Syrian refugees in 134 locations in the Akkar and northern Lebanon areas. The UNHCR provided help for 64 locations of them, while 13 Syrian refugees were transported from the village of al-Simaqiah to the al-Kheir hospital for treatment.

The report mentioned that the storm damaged 117 camps in the Beqaa area, 67 of them were severely damaged, 38 of them were moderately damaged, and 12 of them need simple repairs. The UNHCR transported 230 affected Syrian refugees to schools in Majdal Anjar and provided them with relief aid.     

In the areas of Chouf, Keserwan, Aley, Byblos, Baabda, and Beirut, the storm damaged 99 camps, as water destroyed three of them and flooded five other. The rainwater also leaked into the camps’ tents, as 432 families of 291 refugees were affected.    

Liza Abu Khaled, the UNHCR spokesperson in Lebanon, reported to SMART that floods after the storm killed an eight-year-old Syrian child in the Miniyeh area in northern Lebanon.

The Lebanese Civil Defense rescued two Syrian refugee families of 11 persons, including seven children and a pregnant woman, in the Mount Lebanon and Beirut areas, according to the UNHCR.

Earlier on Monday, Syrian refugees in camps of Arsal in northern Lebanon appealed to concerned parties to provide help and aid after the snow storm affected them.  

A weather depression with snow on high altitudes hit several areas in Syria and Lebanon, aggravating the suffering of camps’ residents amidst the lack of support and services. Several parties called on humanitarian organizations to ease the suffering of the camps’ residents and to provide them with heaters.