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Kafr Zayta local council demands Turkey to condemn Syrian government forces violations

Editing: Amena Riyad |
TranslationEditor: Vera Halvorsen |
Translation: Nouha Salti
Publication date: 2019/01/19 21:01

Hama - SMART

The local council of the city of Kafr Zayta in northern Hama, Central Syria, demanded Turkey to take a "firm stand" against the Syrian government forces' violations and frequent shelling on areas in the de-escalation zone.

The council stated, "Artillery and missile shelling frequently targeted the Hama countryside in general and the city of Kafr Zayta in particular, while Russia reconnaissance warplanes flew over the area (…) We appeal to the Turkish government to take a firm stand against the Syrian government's violations against innocent civilians."

In the statement, the council threatened to disregard the de-escalation agreement if Turkey does not address the Syrian government's frequent violations, adding, "We accepted the agreement because Turkey is a guarantor (…) these violations will make us disregard the agreement."

Syrian government forces and Russian warplanes target villages and towns in northern and western Hama on a daily basis, killing and injuring civilians and destroying infrastructure.

The shelling continues despite the de-escalation agreement reached in December 2017 by Turkey, Russia, and Iran.

On Sept. 17, 2018, Turkey and Russia agreed on a demilitarized buffer zone between Syria government-controlled areas and Free Syrian Army and Islamist battalion-controlled areas.