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Demonstrators protest in al-Hasakah on first anniversary of Afrin battle

Editing: Mohamad Alaa |
TranslationEditor: Vera Halvorsen |
Translation: Muhammad Ghaith
Publication date: 2019/01/20 18:01

Al-Hasakah - SMART

On Sunday, hundreds of demonstrators protested in the city of Qamishli, 75 kilometers north of al-Hasakah, Northeastern Syria, on the first anniversary of the Turkish Army and Free Syrian Army (FSA)'s battle against the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) in the city of Afrin in Aleppo, Northern Syria.

Abdulkareem Saroukhan, the joint head of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration in al-Hasakah, said that they organized the demonstration against the Turkish military operation that resulted in the Turkish Army and FSA's gaining control of the Afrin area, displacing hundreds of thousands of residents from the area.

Saroukhan demanded Turkey and the FSA's withdrawal from Afrin and to hand over the area to its residents, emphasizing that they will repel any potential Turkish military operation in the area east of the Euphrates river. Saroukhan called for a political settlement in areas controlled by the Autonomous Administration in Northeastern Syria.

The protester Hayfaa Mahmoud urged the international community and human rights organizations to pressure Turkey to return Afrin to its residents.

The protester Hamdin Nabi appealed to humanitarian organizations to impose a no-fly zone over areas controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces. Nabi called on the United Nations to stop the Turkish violations against the residents of Afrin.

On January 21, 2018, the Turkish Army and FSA factions launched a military operation against the YPG in Afrin, gaining control of the entire area.