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Local officials meet Turkish delegation and demand it stops Syrian government violations, northern Hama

Editing: Amena Riyad |
TranslationEditor: Farah Nassif |
Translation: Muhammad Ghaith
Publication date: 2019/01/21 19:49

Hama - SMART

On Monday, local officials met a Turkish delegation in the Turkish observation base in the city of Mourek, northern Hama, Central Syria. The officials demanded the Turks take a firm position against the Syrian government forces’ violations and frequent bombings on de-escalation agreement areas in Hama.

Ahmad Al-Haroon, the deputy head of the local council of the city of al-Lataminah, said that a joint committee, including representatives of al-Lataminah, Kafr Zayta, and Mourek local councils met the delegation and demanded Turkey to assume its responsibilities towards civilians. The committee warned that the residents would evacuate towns surrounding the Turkish observation bases if shelling continues.

Al-Haroon noted that the delegation promised the committee to stop Syrian government forces'  shelling on northern Hama and submit their demands to the Turkish government.

The Syrian government forces and Russia bomb villages and towns in northern Hama frequently, killing and injuring civilians and destroying infrastructure.

On Saturday, the local council of the city of Kafr Zayta, and al-Latamianh northern Hama demanded Turkey take a firm stand against the Syrian government forces' violations.

The Syrian government forces and Russia bomb the region although it is included in the de-escalation agreement that Russia, Iran, and Turkey, reached in December 2017.

The region is also included in the demilitarization agreement that Turkey and Russia reached on September 17, 2018, to establish a demilitarized buffer zone that separates areas controlled by the Free Syrian Army and Islamist battalions from those controlled by the Syrian government forces.