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Syrian government shelling kills and inures FSA fighters in northern Hama

Editing: عبد الله الدرويش |
TranslationEditor: فرح ناصيف |
Translation: غلوري جابر
تاريخ النشر: 2019/01/26 09:39

Hama - SMART

On Saturday, the Syrian government forces shelled a town and a village in Hama, Central Syria, killing and injuring six Free Syrian Free (FSA) fighters.

Local activists reported that the Syrian government forces stationed in the city of Halfaya, and in the checkpoints of Zillin, al-Zalaqiyat, al-Masasnah, and al-Madajen, targeted the town of al-Lataminah and the villages of Maarkabeh and Lahaya using more than 75 artillery shells, killing two FSA’s Jaysh al-Ezzah fighters and injuring three others in the vicinity of Latamna.

The activists added that the Syrian government forces stationed in the village of al-Rasif shelled the perimeter of the al-Huwaiz village, killing a fighter of the Jaysh al-Nukhba of the FSA’s National Liberation Front.

On Thursday, the Syrian government forces stationed in the cities of Souran and Halfaya, and in the villages of al-Masasnah and Zillin, shelled the town of al-Lataminah, injuring a woman and her husband.

The Syrian government forces frequently shell northern Hama, despite that the area is included in the demilitarized zone agreement concluded by Russia and Turkey on Sept. 17, 2018.