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Human rights organization documents killing of 1411 Palestinians from Yarmouk camp since 2011

Editing: Mohamad Alaa |
TranslationEditor: Farah Nassif |
Translation: Glory Jabr
Publication date: 2019/01/28 20:05

Turkey - SMART

The Working Group for the Palestinians of Syria documented the killing of 1411 Palestinian refugees from the Yarmouk refugee camp, southern Damascus, since the beginning of the Syrian revolution in 2011.

On Monday, the Working Group reported that the Syrian government forces’ shelling killed 490 refugees in the camp, sniper fire killed 167 and shooting killed 232.  Two hundred one others died due to Syrian government forces’ siege of the camp and lack of health care.

The Working Group stated that 190 Palestinians were tortured to death in the Syrian government prisons. The group managed to document the number after communicating with the families of the victims and by the death certificates that the Syrian government handed over to the families. The group also monitored the leaked photos of those tortured to death, and social media pages interested in the news of Palestinian refugees in Syria.

The Working Group said that the Syrian government forces, the Islamic State, the al-Nusra Front (currently the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham), Jaysh al-Islam and military factions executed 21 Palestinian refugees. Car bombs, landmines, and explosive devices also killed 16 others. The rest were killed by accidents, health crises and drowning while trying to reach EU countries from Turkey or Egypt.

As it defines itself, the group is based in London and is made up of Palestinian and Arab personalities. It has been found to follow up and document the violations against the Palestinians of Syria in the absence of official and non-official institutions to carry out this burden.