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Syrian government rejects Negotiations Committee’s suggestions about Constitutional Committee agenda

Editing: Abd Allah Al Darwesh |
Translation: Muhammad Ghaith
Publication date: 2019/11/28 21:14



On Thursday, Syrian government delegation rejected five suggestions by Negotiations Committee about Syrian Constitutional Committee agenda. 

Yahya al-’Aredi, a Negotiation Committee delegate stated that they submitted five suggestions about the Constitutional Committee agenda to get the Syrian government delegation involved in the process; however, the latter rejected the suggestions. Al-’Aredi added that the delegation is still discussing national principles.

On November 26, 2019, al-’Aredi stated that the Syrian government head of the committee submitted a kind of a schedule that includes fighting terrorism, lifting sanctions, and condemning what he described Turkish invasion. Al-’Aredi described the Syrian government delegation’s demands political.

Al-’Aredi added that Syrian government delegation attempts to evade the Constitutional Committee discussing of agenda and tasks of its term of office. Al-’Aredi noted that Syrian government delegation does not want political process and has specific instructions.

Al-’Aredi added that Negotiations Committee delegation is committed to procedural rules. Al-’Aredi said, “We want to discuss constitution upon the procedural rules.

On November 26, 2019, Syrian government delegation withdrew from the second round of Constitutional Committee in Geneva.

On November 5, 2019, the first round of the mini-committee of the Constitutional Committee ended without no clear progress. The members of the committee approved the rule of procedures in the United Nations headquarters in Geneva. Geir Pedersen, said that there are deep disagreements and mistrust between the delegations.