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People demonstrate against Syrian government and HTS in Idlib

Editing: Ayham Nasif |
Translation: Nouha Salti
Publication date: 2019/12/06 17:08

Idlib - SMART

On Friday, dozens of civilians demonstrated in the cities of Binnish, Saraqib, and Maarat al-Nu’man in the Idlib governorate, Northern Syria, demanding to overthrow the Syrian government, condemning its allies. The demonstrators also demanded the cancellation of taxes imposed by the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS).   

Activists reported to SMART that about 40 people demonstrated in Binnish, 07 kilometers north of Idlib, under the slogan, “We do not compromise our freedom and liberation,” demanding to overthrow the Syrian government. The demonstrators raised the Syrian Revolution flag and publicly insulted the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, the Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad, the Leader of the Hezbollah Lebanese militia, Hasan Nasrullah, by beating their pictures with shoes.   

The demonstrators raised banners condemning the statements of an Emirati Prince, who described al –Assad as, “A wise leader;” the banners read, “Ibn Zayed is a prince of sins and a partner in killing Syrian children,” and, “The breed of Zayed and of barrel man Bashar is corrupted to the core.”


Nizar Hamadi, a demonstrator, reported to SMART “Today, we came from all areas in the Idlib countryside to demonstrate in Binnish. We are displaced people residing in villages around Binnish. We demonstrate to confirm the continuity of the Syrian Revolution. We came to demonstrate despite bad weather conditions, which is better that shells on our camps. We demand the international community to stop the criminal Bashar al-Assad from bombing civilians. We demand rebels to fight the Russian and Iranian aggression on frontlines. We are telling Bashar al-Assad that our revolution will continue until overthrowing the regime and releasing all detainees.”

Ahmad Sabah, an activist, said that the demonstrators used the slogan “We do not compromise our freedom and liberation” which is an old slogan the confirm the Syrian Revolution’s demands. He added,”We confirm that the revolution will continue until fulfilling all demands, and the first and most important demand is freedom. We want to be free from Bashar al-Assad regime. Our demand we be fulfilled only with overthrowing Bashar al-Assad with all his corrupt regime. We want to be free from all kinds of injustice, slavery, and tyranny in Syria.” 

 In the city of Saraqib, 16 km southeast of Idlib, activists reported to SMART that about 150 people demonstrated in Saraqib, in support of the continuity of the Syrian revolution and peaceful movements, and to demand the HTS cancellation of taxes and resolving fuel crisis.   

The demonstrators in Saraqib raised banners that read, “The Revolution is faithful as martyrs, pure as water, and holy as a prophet’s teachings,” and, “Silence is death, voices are life, and freedom is lived through dignity.” The demonstrators of Saraqib, who suffer from continuous bombings, expressed solidarity with people in camps on border areas.

People in Maarrat al-Numan, 85 km south of Idlib, organized a protest against the Syrian government, Russia, Iran, and the United Arab Emirates.

The protesters raised banners that read, “Support by Russia and the UAE will not save you god’s punishment,” and, “Under Bashar al-Assad the Syrian pond will keep falling,” and, “How will this winter be for people in camps.”

A protester reported to SMART the people’s suffering from the lack of fuel, electricity, and bread, while under continuous bombings by the Syrian government forces and Russia. The protester affirmed that no matter how much this situation declines, the people will continue the revolution.   

On Nov. 29, 2019, dozens of people demonstrated in Maarrat al-Numan, Sarmada, and Kafr Takahrim against the HTS, the Syrian government, and Russia. Other demonstrators in the city of Idlib demanded the Free Syrian Army to launch a battle against the Syrian government forces in retaliation to bombings.   

On Sept. 1, 2019. Hundreds of people demonstrated against the HTS and its leader, Abu Muhammad al-Julani, in the city of Saraqib, demanding to expel the HTS from the city.