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Al-Karamah forces warn Syrian government of being involved in kidnapping their member in al-Suwayda

Editing: Mais Noor Aldeen |
Translation: Muhammad Ghaith
Publication date: 2020/02/13 09:44

Al-Suwayda - SMART

On Thursday, the Sheikh al-Karamah forces warned the Syrian government of being involved in kidnapping one of their members after he disappeared in the city of al-Suwayda, Southern Syria. 

The al-Karamah forces said that its member Raad Imad Bali disappeared on Jan. 12, 2020 at dawn. The al-Karamah forces added that they have information indicating that some agents are involved with the Syrian government’s intelligence services to monitor the al-Karamah forces' members. 

The al-Karamah forces stated that they raised alert and that they would not give those responsible for kidnapping Bali a time limit. The al-Karamah forces warned that they will respond forcefully and immediatly against those involved in kidnapping Bali.

Local factions operating in al-Suwayda held a meeting to fight kidnapping that is spread in al-Suwayda. The factions arrested kidnappers and released abductees, calling on those accused of such operations to surrender.

Kidnappings, assaults, and thefts are common in al-Suwayda amid the spread of weapons. The residents accuse gangs supported by the Syrian government’s security services of responsibility for these incidents. 

The Sheikh al-Karamah forces are one of the active factions in al-Suwayda. They refused to hand their weapons to the Syrian government forces. The al-Karamah forces always emphasize rejecting compulsory recruitment and arrests in al-Suwayda.