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Syrian government forces torture former head of local council to death, near Damascus

Editing: Mais Noor Aldeen |
Translation: Muhammad Ghaith
Publication date: 2020/02/13 10:19

Rif Dimashq - SMART

On Thursday, the Syrian government forces tortured to death a former head of a local council in the Daraa governorate, Southern Syria, at the Sednaya Military Prison near Damascus. 

Sources close to the victim reported to SMART that the Syrian government's police station in the city of Jasim, northern Daraa, informed the family of the engineer Ratib Othman al-Jabawi about his death at the Sednaya Military Prison near Damascus, on Feb.12, 2020. 

The sources added that the Syrian government forces arrested al-Jabawi a year ago as he was at the cultural center in Jasim upon a notification. The sources noted that al-Jabawi was the former head of the Jasim local council. Al-Jabawi’s charge remained unknown.

Syrian government forces tortured thousands of detainees to death at their prisons. On June 26, 2018, the Syrian Network for Human Rights documented that more than 13,000 detainees were tortured to death in Syria, most of them by the Syrian government forces.

Hundreds of thousands of detainees are exposed to physical and psychological assault at the Syrian government’s prisons and its security services’ branches, where thousands of detainees were tortured to death. Activists and lawyers accuse the international community of failing to put pressure on the Syrian government to reveal the fate of hundreds of thousands of detainees and victims of forced disappearance. The activists demand the detainees’ release and accounting the Syrian government for crimes committed against them.