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Syrian government forces shelling on schools kills and injures students and teachers in Idlib city

Editing: Mohamad Alaa |
Translation: Nouha Salti
Publication date: 2020/02/25 09:55
Update date: 2020/02/25 11:07

Idlib - SMART

On Tuesday, a Syrian government forces shelling on schools in the city of Idlib, Northern Syria, killed three teachers and injured other teachers and students.

Abu al-Walid, Ambulance Operations Coordinator in Idlib, reported to SMART that Syrian government forces artillery and missile shelling on schools in Idlib killed three teachers, who were walking on the road to school, and injured 12 others at an early count.

Abdul Razzaq Gafir, head of documentation department at the Surgical Hospital in Idlib, reported to SMART that the hospital received the body of a teacher and 12 injured civilians, including six teachers and the rest are children, who are still in surgery rooms.

Gafir and local sources added that the Syrian government forces shelled the schools using cluster missile shells, which are considered internationally prohibited weapons. The place of launching the missiles is still unknown.

The sources mentioned that the shelling targeted the al-Baraem Kindergarten, the al-Manahel Kindergarten, the Khaled al-Shaar School, and the Taha Garib School. Other missile and artillery shelling hit the neighborhoods of al-Thawra, Jabara, al-Jama’a, al-Shaykh Thulth, and Ard al-Hara.

On Feb 18, 2020, the United Nations Children's Fund said that more than half a million children, have been displaced by violence from Northern Syria since December 2019. The UNICEF documented the killing and injuries of 77 children since the beginning of 2020.

The Syrian government forces and their allied militias, supported by Russia, are launching a ground attack on the southern and western Aleppo countryside, and the southern and eastern Idlib countryside. During this attack, the Syrian government forces gained control of dozens of villages and towns in the area, after intense bombings. The bombings killed and injured hundreds of civilians and forced hundreds of thousands to displace.

This attack is considered a continuation of the Syrian government forces and Russian military operation launched on Idlib in Apr. 25, 2019. During the military operation, the Syrian government forces gained total control of the northern Hama countryside and the Khan Shaykhun area. Military analysts and journalists said that by this military operation, the Syrian government aims to gain control of the Aleppo-Damascus international highway that connects Turkey to Jordan and the Arab Gulf States in order to reopen it later under Russian and Turkish sponsorship agreed upon by the two countries.