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Syrian government tightens siege on Rukban camp amidst lack of food and medical materials

Editing: Hasan Borhan |
Translation: Muhammad Ghaith
Publication date: 2020/03/10 15:46

Homs - SMART

The residents of the Rukban camp, 240 kilometers southeast of Homs, Central Syria, on Syrian-Jordanian border, complain about severe lack of flour, food materials, fuel, and medicine because the Syrian government forces have tightened siege on the camp for two weeks.

On Tuesday, Omar al-Homsi, the media official of the camp's civil administration, stated that the Syrian government forces have prevented the entry of flour and food to the camp for 15 days. Al-Homsi added that the only two bakeries in the camp are about to stop working. Al-Homsi noted that they tried to contact United Nations’ organizations, but the latter ignored the appeals and told the residents that the road to the camp will remain blocked and it is better for them to leave. 

Ahmad al-Khudur, the official of the Jaysh al-Maghawir media office of the Free Syrian Army, emphasized that the Syrian government forces blocked the only road to the camp from Damascus through the Julayghim crossing and prevented the entry of food materials and medicine to the camp to force the residents to leave. 

Al-Khudur added that the residents' basic needs are absent, especially as neighboring countries of Jordan and Iraq closed borders, preventing aid to cross.

Um Ahmad, a resident of the camp expressed fear from a potential lack of flour if the Syrian government forces’ siege continues. Um Ahmad added that the residents have been suffering for a year, but now the suffering has grown more intense.

The camp is located in the so called "Green Zone" that extends along 55 kilometers inside Syrian border. The United States-led International Coalition forces against the Islamic State control the zone. 

Since October 2018, the Syrian government forces have imposed siege on the Rukban camp and prevented the entry of food and medicine. The administration of the camp appealed to organizations to deliver aid to 50,000 people in the camp. The people suffer amidst poor humanitarian conditions. Many children died due to the lack of medicine and medical care.