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Syrian government forces women in al-Rukban camp to stay in its controlled areas in return for treatment

Editing: Hazem Halak |
TranslationEditor: Glory Jabr |
Translation: Muhammad Ghaith

Homs - SMART

On Sunday, the Syrian Badia Public and Political Relations Authority said that the Syrian government forces women in the al-Rukban camp to remain in its controlled areas in return for treating the women.

The authority added that the Syrian government forces the women of al-Rukban camp, eastern Homs, on the Syrian-Jordanian border, to sign documents stating that they are unwilling to return to the 55th area and the camp. The women came to the Syrian government forces-controlled areas for treatment. The authority said that this procedure is in return for conducting Cesarean sections for the women. The authority noted that the Syrian government refused to provide medical care for the women who did not sign the documents.

The authority warned of the consequences of such procedures, as most of the women left their children who need care and protection against diseases. The authority appealed to humanitarian organizations and societies to allow the women to return.  

Earlier, Muhammad Dirbas al-Khalidi, the manager of the al-Rukban camp said that families leave the camp at their own expense by cars and trucks. Al-Khalidi noted that each person pays 10,000 Syrian pounds to leave. 

Since October 2018, the Syrian government forces have imposed siege on the Rukban camp and prevented the entry of food and medicine. The administration of the camp appealed to organizations to deliver aid to 50,000 people in the camp. The people suffer amidst poor humanitarian conditions. Many children died due to the lack of medicine and medical care.