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Earthquake in Mediterranean affects Syrian Cost near Latakia governorate

Editing: Hazem Halak |
Translation: Nouha Salti

Latakia - SMART

On Monday, an earthquake in the Mediterranean affected the Latakia governorate, Western Syria.

The Syrian government’s National Earthquake Center reported on social media that a magnitude 2.8 earthquake hit the Mediterranean near the Syrian Cost with 15-kilometere depth and 36-kilometer away from northwestern Latakia.

The Center added on its media outlets that the earthquake happened at 3:51 am.

On Apr. 21, 2020, a similar earthquake affected northwestern Latakia.  

On Apr. 15, 2020, an earthquake affected the northern and western areas in Syria, reaching the southern areas of Turkey.

On Jan. 24, 2020, a magnitude 6.8 earthquake killed four people in the Elazig Province, eastern Turkey. The earthquake affected several Syrian governorates.