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Toll rises to 103 dead and injured people due to explosion in Afrin

Editing: Hazem Halak |
Translation: Glory Jabr
Publication date: 2020/04/29 08:10

Aleppo - SMART

Toll rose to 42 dead and 61 injured people due to the explosion in the Syrian National Army-controlled city of Afrin, 43 kilometers north of Aleppo, Northern Syria.

On Wednesday, the director of the Syrian Civil Defense in Aleppo, Bibars Mashaal, reported to SMART that the final toll rose to 42 dead people, most of them were burnt, and 61 injured people. Mashaal noted that a car of (Inter Kolar) loaded with fuel tanks, exploded in a crowded popular market just hours before Iftar.

On April 28, 2020, a medical source at the Military Hospital in Afrin reported to SMART that 27 bodies and 40 injured people arrived at the hospital. The source added that the explosion hit the al-Siyasiyah neighborhood. 

Mashaal added that the explosion caused significant damage to the property, burning 11 cars, 30 motorcycles, shops and residential buildings near the site of the explosion.

Explosions and shootings frequently take place in the Aleppo and Idlib governorates. Such incidents targeted fighters and commanders of the Free Syrian Army and Islamist battalions, and civilians, killing and injuring dozens of them. The perpetrators of most of the incidents remain unknown.