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People demonstrate in Tafas and Daraa cities after Syrian government forces bring reinforcements into area

Editing: Mohamad Alaa |
TranslationEditor: Glory Jabr |
Translation: Muhammad Ghaith
Publication date: 2020/05/14 08:52
Update date: 2020/05/14 08:52

Daraa - SMART

On Thursday, hundreds of people demonstrated in the cities of Daraa and Tafas, 13 kilometeres west of Daraa, Southern Syria, as Syrian government forces' military reinforcements arrived in the governorate. 

Local sources reported to SMART that 200 people demonstrated in the square of the Omari Mosque in the city of Daraa. The demonstrators protested the Syrian government forces new military reinforcements that arrived in the area. 

The demonstrators chanted, "Death but not disgrace," "Houran, Houran, revolution," and "God is greater than those who killed martyres at their hands."

Local and military sources reported to SMART that the Syrian government brought in reinforcements from the Syrian government's 4th Division, Special Forces, and the 25th Division belonging to the Russian-backed officer Suhail al-Hasan, and other military divisions.

The reinforcements arrived in the local stadium of Daraa and other military posts in the city center. Armored vehicles, vehicles equipped with heavy machine guns, and Syrian government forces members arrived in the vicinity of Tafas and the city of Dael.

The sources added that the Syrian government forces prevented the civilians from gathering in the area and forced farmers to leave their fields.

Earier, unknown persons kidnapped nine Syrian government forces' police men from the police station in the town of al-Muzayrib after storming it on May 4, 2020. The unknown persons executed the police men and left their bodies near the al-Ghabsha roundabout in al-Muzayrib.

Earlier, dozens of people demonstrated in the city of Daraa. The demonstrators protested the Syrian government forces attempts to storm a residential neighborhood in the city of al-Sanamin, 50 kilometers north of Daraa.

Civil movements opposing the Syrian government re-emrged in the Syrian government-controlled governorate of Daraa. The movements included writing slogans against Syrian government on the walls in cities and towns of Daraa, and tearing a Syrian President's photo.