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People demonstrate against Syrian government forces' deployment in Daraa

Editing: رضوان الحمصي مالك الحداد |
Translation: غلوري جابر
تاريخ النشر: 2020/05/15 06:50

Daraa - SMART

People held nighttime demonstrations in Daraa countryside against the military escalation of the Syrian government forces, after the latter brought new reinforcements into the area.

Activists reported that demonstrations took place in the cities and towns of Tafas, Daraa, al-Yadudah, Tal Shihab, Sahem al-Golan, Hayt, Muzayrib, and al-Karak al-Sharqi in the Daraa governorate. The demonstrators rejected the military escalation by the Syrian government in the governorate, and demanded the prevention of the anticipated military attack on the western countryside areas, and the expulsion of Iranian militias from Southern Syria.

Civil bodies in the Daraa governorate called on people to demonstrate in all cities and towns of Daraa, to put pressure on Russia and the Syrian government to stop the military escalation.

The Syrian government has been bringing military reinforcements into  sites in the city of Daraa and its western countryside, in preparation for a possible military attack on the areas of the western countryside of Daraa.

On Thursday, clans and dignitaries of the Daraa governorate, Southern Syria, vowed to fight the Syrian government forces and Iranian militias if they tried to storm any area in the governorate. Earlier, unknown persons kidnapped nine Syrian government forces' police men from the police station in the town of Muzayrib after storming it on May 4, 2020. The unknown persons executed the police men and left their bodies near the al-Ghabsha roundabout in Muzayrib.