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Unknown persons kill two former FSA fighters in Daraa governorate

Editing: Malek Al Haddad |
Translation: Glory Jabr
Publication date: 2020/05/27 10:02

Daraa - SMART

Unknown persons shot dead two former Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters in the Daraa governorate, Southern Syria.

On Wednesday, local sources reported to SMART that unkown persons  riding a motorcycle shot Qusay al-Wadi and Ahmad Dhiab al-Wadi, killing them, in the city of Inkhil (45 kilometers north of Daraa).

The sources added that the fighters were among those who signed settlement and reconciliation with the Syrian government forces.

Earlier, unknown persons shot dead a former FSA fighter in the village of Umm Walad in the Syrian government-controlled governorate of Daraa, Southern Syria.

The Daraa governorate is a home for frequent shooting incidents by unknown persons who targeted Syrian government forces members, former FSA fighters, and former employees of local councils, amidst accusations by activists against the Syrian government.  

In July 2018, the Syrian government forces gained total control of the Daraa governorate after concluding agreements with FSA factions under Russian sponsorship. The ceasefire agreements included handing over the FSA weapons and allowing people who refuse the reconciliations to head for Northern Syria, with guarantees that the Syrian government will not prosecute people who wish to stay.