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Bomb explosion kills three people, including child, west of Idlib

Editing: Hazem Halak |
Translation: Glory Jabr
Publication date: 2020/06/01 11:24

Idlib - SMART

On Monday, a bomb explosion killed two Sham Legion fighters and a child and injured another fighter. The bomb was planted in a car carrying them in the district of Muhambal, 15 kilometers southwest of Idlib, Northern Syria.

A media worker with the Civil Defense Center in Ariha, Mustafa Halabiya, reported to SMART that a bomb exploded in a military vehicle carrying three Sham Legion fighters of the Free Syrian Army near Hersh Bsanqul (15 kilometers southwest of Idlib), killing two of the fighters and a child who was accompanying them, in addition to injuring the third fighter.

Halabiya denied that the fighters had been targeted, suspecting that the explosion was caused by a bomb inside the car. Halabiya explained that a Civil Defense team transferred the dead and wounded to the Idlib Hospital, without knowing the child's kinship with the fighters.

Explosions of explosive devices and car bombs frequently take place in the Idlib governorate, mostly targeting commanders and fighters of the FSA and Islamist battalions, and civilians. The attacks killed and injured dozens of them. The perpetrators of most of the attacks remain unknown.