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Unknown persons kidnap two people in two separate incidents in Daraa governorate

Editing: Aya Saleem Malek Al Haddad |
Translation: Nouha Salti
Publication date: 2020/06/05 12:51

Daraa - SMART

In two separate incidents, unknown persons kidnapped two people in the Syrian government forces-controlled Daraa governorate, Southern Syria.

On Friday, local sources reported to SMART that unknown persons kidnapped Ahed Fayez al-Ayed, who is from the town of Masaked Jillin, while he was heading for the city of Tafas, 13 kilometers south of the city of Daraa, without identifying the kidnappers or the reasons behind the kidnap.

Other local sources also reported that unknown persons in a car kidnapped Naser al-Mhawesh, who is Palestinian, from inside his shop in the town of Muzayrib, ten kilometers north of Daraa.

Syrian government forces members killed three civilians from the towns of Bargah and al-Aliah after they refused to stop on a Syrian government forces temporary checkpoint in a main street near the town of Nawa, according to sources close to the victims.  

Earlier, unknown persons kidnapped five Syrian government forces members in the city of Buser al-Harir, 33 kilometers northeast of Daraa.

The Daraa governorate became home for chaos, kidnappings, looting, and assassinations, amidst the spread of unregulated weapons. Several local factions and the Syrian government forces operate in the governorate.

The Syrian government forces gained total control of the Daraa governorate after concluding agreements with Free Syrian Army factions under a Russian sponsorship. The agreements included a ceasefire, handing over the FSA weapons, and allowing people who refuse to reconcile to head for Northern Syria. The agreement guaranteed that the Syrian government forces would not prosecute those who wish to stay in Daraa.