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Syrian government forces arrest participant in al-Suwayda demonstrations

Translation: Glory Jabr
Publication date: 2020/06/09 15:22

Al-Suwayda - SMART

On Tuesday, the Syrian government forces arrested one of the activists participating in the demonstrations in the Syrian government-controlled city of al-Suwayda, Southern Syria.

Eyewitnesses in al-Suwayda reported to SMART that about 50 members of the Political Security stormed a library in the Angie commercial building, and arrested the activist Raed Abdi al-Khatib two hours after a demonstration took place in the city to demand the overthrow of the Syrian regime.

The eyewitnesses added that those who were in the library tried to prevent the members from arresting al-Khatib, but the members threatened to shoot at them, amidst tension among people and the family of al-Khatib after his arrest.

The eyewitnesses stated that friends and family of al-Khatib demanded the Rijal al-Karamah Movement to intervene and contact with the Syrian government forces to release him, or that they will arrest Syrian government security members in the area in exchange for al-Khatib's release.

Earlier today, dozens of people demonstrated in the city of al-Suwayda, for the third consecutive day. The demonstrators demanded the overthrow the Syrian regime, and protested poor living conditions and the collapse of the Syrian pound.

The SYP exchange rate against the United States dollar reached 3,000 SYP, which is considered the worst value in Syria’s history since the independence and the separation between the SYP and the Lebanese Lira. In 1961 the USD made two SYP, in 2010 it made 47 SYP, while in 2011 the exchange rate declined rapidly, as the SYP lost 97.5 percent of its value from 2011 until now. 

Earlier on Dec. 15, 2020, people protested against poor living and economic conditions in the Syrian government forces-controlled cities of al-Suwayda and Shahba, Southern Syria.