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Shooting injures civilian in al-Suwayda

Translation: Glory Jabr
Publication date: 2020/06/10 15:13

Al-Suwayda - SMART

On Wednesday, unknown persons attacked civilians in the Syrian government-controlled city of al-Suwayda, Southern Syria, injuring a civilian.

Sources from the relatives of the wounded reported to SMART that a group of people attacked a number of passers-by at Sultan Pasha Square near the governorate council's building, and they shot in the air, adding that he was injured while fist fighting with them.

Local activists reported to SMART that the shooting happened near the pro-government march that took place today in front of the governorate council's building. The activists suspected that those who opened fire were from Syrian government forces members to provoke conflict between those who participated in the march and the demonstrators against the Syrian government in the city.

Earlier today, a demonstration against the Syrian government coincided with a pro-government march in al-Suwayda. In the past few days, dozens of people demonstrated in the city, demanding the overthrow of the Syrian regime, and protesting poor living conditions and the collapse of the Syrian pound.