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Political and Public Relations Authority calls on Jordan to reopen only medical clinic in Rukban camp

Translation: Glory Jabr
Publication date: 2020/06/11 08:42

Homs - SMART

The Political and Public Relations Authority in the Rukban camp, 240 kilometers southeast of Homs, Central Syria, called on the Jordanian authorities to reopen the only medical clinic in the camp.

On Thursday, the spokesman for the Authority, Shukri Shihab, reported to SMART that they called on the Jordanian authorities to reopen the only clinic providing medical services to the displaced people in the camp, after being closed during the procedures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Shihab added that none of patients with critical cases were able to enter hospitals in the Jordanian territories since the closure last March.

Shihab stated that the health situation in the Rukban camp has gotten worse after the closure of the medical clinic, amidst the lack of medicine, medical devices and medical support to fight COVID-19 or other diseases inside the camp.

Shihab noted that they have not registered any suspected COVID-19 cases among the displaced people in the camp so far, as they prepared some tents and mud rooms as quarantine centers, and used vinegar and chlorine as a substitute for the sterilizers that are not available.

Since October 2018, the Syrian government forces have imposed siege on the Rukban camp and prevented the entry of food and medicine. The administration of the camp appealed to organizations to deliver aid to 50,000 people in the camp. The people suffer amidst poor humanitarian conditions. Many children died due to the lack of medicine and medical care.