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Living conditions deteriorates in Rukban camp due to decline of SYP

Translation: Glory Jabr
Publication date: 2020/06/12 09:14

Homs - SMART

Living conditions of displaced people in the Rukban camp, Central Syria, deteriorated as a result of the recent collapse of the Syrian pound exchange rate against the US dollar.

On Friday, the civil administration head in the camp, Faisal Haddar, reported to SMART that the SYP decline against USD caused significant increase in food prices, which negatively affected the displaced people in the Rukban camp (240 kilometers southeast of Homs).

Haddar added that the price of seven loaves of bread reached 1000 SYP, after it was 250 SYP, despite the poor quality of bread produced by the only bakery for the people of the camp. The price of sugar increased to 2,500 SYP, after it was 500 SYP .

Haddar stated that most of the displaced people in the Rukban camp depend on the money transfers that they receive from their relatives outside the camp, in addition to individual support from donors, amidst the absence of employment opportunities due to the nature of the desert region.

Haddar noted that the medical services for the displaced people are limited to some nurses, after the Jordanian authorities closed the UN-supported medical clinic in March 2020.

Haddar appealed to humanitarian organizations to provide aid and urgent medical services for displaced people in the Rukban camp, as no organization has provided aid to the camp for nearly a year and six months.

About 1,800 families, about 9,000 displaced people, live in the Rukban camp, according to the Civil Administration.

The Political and Public Relations Authority in the Rukban camp called on the Jordanian authorities to reopen the only medical clinic in the camp, after being closed during the procedures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Since October 2018, the Syrian government forces have imposed siege on the Rukban camp and prevented the entry of food and medicine. The administration of the camp appealed to organizations to deliver aid to 50,000 people in the camp. The people suffer amidst poor humanitarian conditions. Many children died due to the lack of medicine and medical care.