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Explosive device injures man in Azaz city, northern Aleppo

Editing: Obaida Al Nabwani |
Translation: Nouha Salti
Publication date: 2020/06/21 20:47

Aleppo - SMART

On Sunday, an explosion of a device planted by unknown persons in a car, injured a man in the al-Rayan camp near the city of Azaz, northern Aleppo, Northern Syria.

Majed Yasin, media official of the Azaz Civil Defense, reported to SMART that an explosive device injured a man in al-Rayan camp near Azaz.

Yasin clarified that the injured man, who received minor injuries, was transported the Blue Crescent Hospital in Azaz, without mentioning if the man is affiliated with any military faction.

On Saturday night, a similar explosion injured four people, including two children in the Afrin city center, 48 kilometer north of the city of Aleppo.  

On Apr. 29, 2020, a car bomb explosion killed and injured 103 people in a crowded public market in Afrin. The explosion occurred few hours before Iftar in the holy month of Ramadan.

Explosions became frequent in northern and Eastern Aleppo, resulting in the killing and injuries of dozens of civilians and Free Syrian Army commanders and fighters, amidst accusations against the Islamic State and the Syrian Democratic Forces. The police and local councils took precautionary procedure to prevent casualties due to these explosions.