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Humanitarian organization warns of preventing entry of aid through Turkish border

Editing: Hazem Halak |
Translation: Glory Jabr

Idlib - SMART

On Wednesday, the Syria Response Coordinators Team warned of worsening the humanitarian crisis in Syria, especially in Northwestern Syria, due to the measures to prevent the entry of humanitarian aid through the Turkish border.

In a statement, the team called on the Security Council to extend the decision that allows the entry of humanitarian aid to Syria through the border. The team warned of Russia's attempt to limit the entry of aid only through Syrian government-controlled areas. The team also warned of a humanitarian catastrophe, which violates the Fourth Geneva Convention on the protection of civilians.

The team confirmed the necessity to abide by the laws of war to facilitate the entry of aid to civilians and prevent any arbitrary interfering, thus ensuring free movement of humanitarian workers.

On June 6, 2020, the team's director, Muhammad al-Hallaj, reported to SMART that stopping the implementation of Security Council Resolution 2504 issued on Jan. 11, 2020 may refer aid provided across the border to organizations supporting the Syrian government. Al-Hallaj stated that those organizations work to serve the Syrian government in military actions and support loyalist militias.

Earlier, the Syrian government forces and loyalist militias, supported by Russia, launched a ground military attack on the southern and eastern countryside of Idlib and the southern and western countryside of Aleppo. The Syrian government gained control of dozens of villages and towns in the region, after intensified shelling. The shelling killed and injured hundreds of civilians, and forced hundreds of thousands to displace.