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Clashes between Syrian government forces and FAC kill and injure members in Daraa

Editing: Radwan Al-Homsi |
Translation: Nouha Salti
Publication date: 2020/06/28 11:10

Daraa - SMART

On Saturday night, Syrian government forces clashed with members of the Fifth Assault Corps (FAC), which was formed by Russia after reconciliations agreements, killing a Syrian government forces officer and a member, in addition to killing FAC members in the Syrian government forces-controlled Daraa governorate, Southern Syria.

Local sources and activists reported to SMART that the clashes took place in the town of Mhajeh, northern Daraa as a result of a disagreement between a man from the town and members of a Syrian government forces checkpoint. The clashes killed Captain Ali Youssef Mouala from Tartus, and a member of the Syrian government forces State Security Directorate, in addition to killing two members and injuring two others of the FAC’s 8th Legion.   

The sources added that Mouala is the officer responsible of the checkpoint in the town of Muhaja, which was home for night clashes that ended with the killing of Mouala after the FAC gained control of the checkpoint and other checkpoints belonging to the military security in the towns of Sayda and Kahil, eastern Daraa.  

The sources mentioned that the Syrian government forces brought reinforcements to support checkpoints on the perimeter of Muhaja.

Earlier, clashes between Syrian government forces members in Muhaja killed two members and injured three others.

Frequent shooting incidents occur in the Daraa governorate, targeting Syrian government forces members, former FSA fighters, and former employees of local councils, amidst accusations against the Syrian government forces to be responsible for these incidents. 

In July 2018, the Syrian government forces gained total control of the Daraa governorate after concluding agreements with FSA factions under a Russian sponsorship. The agreements included a ceasefire, handing over the FSA weapons, and allowing people who refuse the agreement to head for Northern Syria. The agreement guaranteed that the Syrian government forces would not prosecute those who wish to stay in Daraa.