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Syrian government forces arrest five people in Daraa governorate

Editing: Hosam Saleem |
Translation: Glory Jabr
Publication date: 2020/06/30 16:59

Daraa - SMART

On Tuesday, the Syrian government forces arrested five people in the Syrian government-controlled Daraa governorate, Southern Syria.

Local sources and activists reported to SMART that 9th Armoured Division's members of the Syrian government forces, stationed near the city of al-Sanamayn (53 kilometers north of Daraa), arrested three people who were working in agricultural lands.

The sources said that one of the detainees, called Fayez al-Atma, was a commander of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and concluded a reconciliation after the Syrian government gained control of the al-Sanamayn, and that he did not join other factions. The sources added that the detainees were transferred to the 9th Division's headquarters, without knowing their fate.

On Monday night, the Syrian government forces arrested two people in the town of Ain Thakar near the city of Saida, east of Daraa, while they were passing through a checkpoint of the 112th Brigade of the Syrian government.

Local sources reported to SMART that the Syrian government forces arrested Abdul Aziz al-Anzi, the son of a former commander in the Tribal Brigade of the FSA, and Bashar al-Anzi, while they were heading to a woodland near the town. The sources added that security tension rose in the area after the arrest.

On June 25, 2020, the Syrian government forces arrested Engineer Suleiman al-Asmi, the former head of the local council in the city of Dael, as part of arrests campaign in the area, without any formal charges in the city of Dael, 16 kilometers north of Daraa, Southern Syria.

On May 25, 2020, the Syrian government forces arrested five people in the town of Qarfa, 22 kilometers north of Daraa, Southern Syria, amidst people's complaints after the Syrian governemnt forces increased their arbitrary arrests against residents.

The Syrian government forces detain young men on a daily basis in their controlled areas on political or criminal charges or for enlisting them to compulsory recruitment.

The Syrian government forces gained total control of the Daraa governorate after concluding reconciliation agreements with FSA factions under a Russian sponsorship. The agreements included a ceasefire, handing over the FSA weapons, and allowing people who refuse to reconcile to head for Northern Syria.